Desiree, Coach and Language Teacher, from USA

“Christoph is a great teacher. I am a language teacher as well, and so I am picky about who I choose to work with for my own lessons. Christoph never disappoints! Classes are always fun, laid-back, but focused at the same time. Can’t recommend him enough!”

Subhrendu, Management Consultant, from India

“Christoph taught me German for a number of months at the A1/A2 and B1 levels. He has a very professional approach to his lessons. He is also very personable. I found the lessons extremely valuable and made rapid progress under his tutelage.”

Lucy, Business Consultant, from New Zealand

“Christoph is an excellent teacher. During our lessons he is relaxed, patient and supportive; at the same time, he is always pushing me to improve by ensuring I notice (and understand) my own mistakes, and suggesting better ways of phrasing things. Christoph is also very good at gauging one’s ability and tailoring the lesson to suit – our lessons are structured for example around a textbook, but he will make the exercises more difficult if required, and spend longer explaining concepts if I’m struggling. After every lesson I feel a noticeable improvement in my German ability and am always very motivated to continue learning.”

Giovanni, Engineer, from Italy

“Really effective. I have been taking lessons while working in Germany and after a few lessons I have been able to communicate with no-English-speaking German colleagues: they were really surprised I had been able to improve so much in a so short time. Thank you Christoph!!!”

Dagmara, Artist, from Poland

“With a planned move to Germany on the agenda, I wanted to learn the language as fast as I could. I tried the oft-advertised „fluent-in-three-month“ methods, took classes, worked with a number of tutors. I can safely say Christoph was the best choice. He personalizes the lessons according to my changing needs, crafts assignments according to my interests and my learning style. Now that I’m in Germany, I can get around without a word of English and even take part in the social scene. I couldn’t have done it without him!”

Barbara, Project Manager, from USA

“Christoph is an exceptional teacher. He encourages me to excel but also knows when to slow down when he sees I’m overwhelmed. With his help, I have learned more German than I ever thought was possible. He makes learning enjoyable and reminds me that learning is a journey for which I need to celebrate continued improvement. I highly recommend him.”

Tatiana, Mechanical Engineer, from Russia

“A lot of teachers are working in the same way with each student without considering the fact that if something fits one person it can not fit to another. Christoph has a very personal approach of teaching. He understands strong and weak sides of the student and that leads to efficient methodology. Even with my level I can discuss quite complex topics in German now. I think this is a really good progress for me. I can read books of levels A2 and B1 almost without dictionary and can understand the structure of sentences.”

Anastasiya, Language Teacher, from Ukraine

“Christoph is a nice professional teacher who can motivate you to speak German fluently. He is good at explaining things and giving examples to illustrate complicated things in German grammar. He is a good listener and a charming person to talk to. After completing a C1 course with Christoph I managed to pass Goethe-Zertifikat C1 exam with excellent marks.”

Sergey, Business Analyst, from Russia

I’ve started to study German from scratch with Christoph because a friend of mine recommended him. After some time, with no other training or experience, I am able to express myself in German and discuss even complex topics. I give the credit for this to Christoph who skillfully uses academic teaching of the grammar and word usage, combined with lots of conversations about everything. During these conversations Christoph uses language just slightly above my current level, so I can understand and maintain the discussion, but still am constantly learning something new with each lesson. I find the lessons very fruitful and fun and recommend Christoph to anyone willing to learn or improve their German.

Bella, Art teacher, from Hong Kong

“Christoph is a great German tutor who makes our lessons challenging and fun at the same time. He is happy to listen to and share personal anecdotes in German to create a relaxed environment. It is also one of the reasons why I am not afraid to speak out loud in German as well. Christoph is also patient as he’d never once complained about grammatical issues I am having over and over again. If you are considering learning German I would highly recommend him as your tutor.”

Charles, Chief Technology Officer, from USA

“Before I started working with Christoph I felt that speaking was going to be the toughest
part of learning German. Christoph is very supportive and makes learning a language fun.
Speaking has turned out to be fun. I am getting to be more and more comfortable speaking when we have our lessons and discussing different topics. It has really been a great experience in that I feel I could easily get around in Germany with my language skills.
Christoph is a great teacher that will not only help you achieve your language goals but also
makes it enjoyable and interesting.”